About Us

Largest Harvester in the World

Little Bay Lobster is a premium wholesale lobster company strategically located on the Atlantic Ocean in Newington, NH. We are the largest harvester of Homarus Americanus in the world. At Little Bay we own and operate 11 offshore lobster boats, own and operate a buying wharf in Stonington, ME, and have close relationships with key Canadian suppliers. All this allows us to provide the highest quality, new caught lobster 365 days a year.

TSA Approved


Little Bay has a state of the art HAACP and TSA approved facility with a holding capacity of 275,000 pounds of live lobster at any point in time.

By utilizing both a waterfall and crate pool system we are able to ensure the highest quality.

Our Own Trucking Fleet

Little Bay has close relationships with freight forwarders and airlines, and operates its own trucking fleet; thus giving us a strategic advantage in securing preferred cargo space to ensure lobsters are out of the water for the least amount of time possible.

Through years of experience Little Bay has been able to master the logistics of shipping live lobster throughout the world.

Industry Leaders

We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in marine stewardship who continually strives to develop humane ways to harvest, store, grade and pack lobster thereby ensuring the freshest caught and healthiest lobsters to be delivered with the least mortality anywhere in the world.

Over 40 Years of Experience

Little Bay Lobster has been at the forefront of marine stewardship and sustainable practices for the past 30 years. Little Bay is an active participating member of the Atlantic Offshore Lobster Association (AOLA), The Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA), and the Maine Dealers Association.

We have set a precedent within the industry for implementing Best Management Practices to maintain and sustain live lobster stocks throughout the Gulf of Maine and Eastern (Area III) Federal Waters.

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